What is the HNC?

The HNC, or Happening National Committee, is a group of committed youth, adults, and clergy who meet regularly to plan the next NHLC, or National Happening Leadership Conference, a biennial gathering for Happening leaders from all over the nation and world.

Who is on the committee currently?

The 2016 - 2018 committee includes:

  • The Executive Committee: Krisan Lamberti (Executive Director; Diocese of Southeast Florida), Jude Holcomb (Vice President/Conference Coordinator; Diocese of Upper South Carolina), Rick Peete (Vice President/Secretary; Diocese of Chicago), The Rev. Michael Hurst (Vice President/Treasurer; Diocese of Dallas)
  • Youth: Kimmie Coghill (Diocese of Lexington), Nathan Grimley (Diocese of Florida),  Mekenzie Hardaway (Diocese of West Texas), Andrew Walker (Diocese of Southeast Florida), Caroline White (Diocese of Florida), Carly Fronkowiack (Diocese of Southwest Florida), Ben Wyndham (Diocese of West Texas), Madelyn Mehrer (Diocese of Alabama)
  • Adults: Matthew Bowers (Diocese of Atlanta), Lindsey Hill (Lutheran Happening of the South), Jackie Overton (Diocese of Southwest Florida), Maggie Paul (Diocese of Atlanta), Joshawa Trader (Diocese of Western Missouri)
  • Clergy: The Rev. Kellie Wilson (Diocese of Upper South Carolina), The Rev. Rich Clark (Diocese of Florida)

We come together from all over the country and represent both diocesan Happening programs through the Episcopal church and Lutheran Happening programs as well.

When does the committee meet?

The committee meets twice a year, one time in the winter or spring and one time in the fall. These meetings span Thursday-Sunday, including time for travel, plenty of work, and a little bit of adventure in our given venue.

The next HNC meeting will be held in Nashville, February 22-25, 2018. We have met in various dioceses over the years and taken trips to many places, including California, Texas, Florida, and even Hawaii.

What goes on during the committee meetings?

Each meeting is focused on tasks that pertain to the planning of NHLC. There are times to brainstorm and plan, as well as times to listen to each other while talks and workshops are prepared. Each member has certain roles during the meeting, and the youth play a very active role in every aspect. Beyond all the work, meetings are full of fun times, as well as opportunities to worship and break bread together.

What are the requirements of participants on the HNC?

Members are required to be active in their local diocesan Happening program, as well as to be diligent in attending our committee meetings. There are only four of these in total between conferences, which means that each must involve detailed and focused work; it is vital that committee members attend these meetings. We maintain a positive attitude about our roles on the committee and communicate with each other regularly, including praying for one another between meetings.

How can a Happener become a member of the HNC?

We select members for the new committee at NHLC every two years; the members selected at NHLC 2018 will be in charge of planning the 2020 conference. Applications will be available on the website and at the conference itself, at which time the current HNC will prayerfully select new members to replace the outgoing members.