Happening has a very special place in my heart. Learning about Christ and sharing faith with peers is powerful. It’s what Jesus did in His own time. Strong friendship bonds are formed, life lessons and hope for the future are learned, and a lifelong relationship with a living God is begun or strengthened. Let’s keep this ministry strong. Thanks to all of you who have given your time and love to your own Happening programs.
— Jude Holcomb

Krisan Lamberti serves as the Executive Director of the Happening National Committee. She first came to Happening by listening to the voice calling her, the then-Spiritual Director of Happening in the Diocese of Southeast Florida. She served for a bit but had other interests and drifted away. Then came that voice calling again, but this time it was the need of high school youth. Honoring the talents of youth, being their mentor and guide to new possibilities, is a privilege; it is also energizing. This led to her calling to serve on the National Happening Committee as she continues to serve the youth in her diocese with Happening.

Jude Holcomb, the VP/Conference Coordinator for the HNC, attended Happening #26 in the Diocese of Florida in 1986. Since that time she has served on over 60 teams as Geritol Group Leader, Mom, Assistant Advisor, or Advisor, as well as in the position of Lay Director three different terms over the years. Jude began on the Happening National Committee at the Illinois Conference in 2004. She has served as Adult Member, Secretary, and VP/Conference Coordinator (currently). When not in “Happening Mode”, Jude is a college mathematics professor in Jacksonville.  She has two grown daughters and five wonderful grandsons ranging in age from 6 weeks to 9 years.  Fernandina Beach, FL and St Peter's Episcopal Church have been home for 31 years. 

 Rick Peete is the VP/Secretary of the Happening National Committee. He is from the Diocese of Chicago.

The Rev. Michael Hurst, the VP/Treasurer of the Happening National Committee, is from the Diocese of Dallas where he serves as the Rector at  Church of the Savior in Allen, TX.