Here are brief summaries of what you'll find while browsing the various navigational sections on this site.

For Newcomers

Dedicated to those who may not be familiar with the Happening movement, this section contains materials about what Happening is, its history, how to locate a Happening to attend, and how to start a Happening program in your diocese or convocation.

For Happeners

For those who are actively involved in Happening, we have a substantial amount of useful and interesting materials in this section. Here, you can find forms to pay your diocesan license fee online, a regularly updated database of upcoming Happenings, a photo gallery of Happening photos from various dioceses, an online store for Happening merchandise (coming soon!), and a resources section with many interesting and practical tools for your Happening weekend. You'll need a password to access this resources page, which can be obtained either by submitting our Contact the HNC form or by sending an email to


In this section, you can learn more about the function and members of the Happening National Committee. You'll find summaries of who we are and what we do, our bylaws, bios on all committee members, details on how to apply for the HNC, and information on our next meeting, as well as a photo gallery chronicling our many adventures.

Get Involved

Here, you can learn all about how to take a more active role in Happening on the national scale. This sectiona list of dioceses who participate in Happening, and a variety of tools you can use to get in touch with us, either by submitting our online contact form, subscribing to our newsletter, or writing in our guestbook. There's also a place for you to send in details on upcoming Happenings not yet listed in our database so that we can update our records.

NHLC 2018

This section contains detailed information about the upcoming National Happening Leadership Conference that will be held in 2018. For information on past conferences, click here.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and that you find everything you're looking for here!