Share groups are opportunities to discuss given topics with other NHLC participants. These are flexible and casual conversations focused on offering the chance for people from different dioceses and backgrounds to learn more about the ways others do things. If you think of a great share group topic not listed here, keep it in mind – you can propose your own share group at the conference!

Staff and Participant Evaluations

Facilitators: Krisan Lamberti (Adult – Southeast Florida) and Melissa Smith (Youth – Georgia)


Facilitators: Rachel Robinson (Youth – Georgia), Caitlin Kenney (Adult – Oklahoma), and Krisan Lamberti (VP/Treasurer – Southeast Florida)

Prayer Stations

Facilitators: Lindsey Hill (Adult – Lutheran Happening of the South) and Roger Villatoro (Youth – Southeast Florida)

Staff Issues

Facilitators: Jude Holcomb (VP/Conference Coordinator – Florida), Jody Grant (VP/Secretary – Georgia), Melissa Smith (Youth – Georgia)

Music Palooza

Facilitators: Matthew Bowers (Adult – Florida) and Susannah Wright (Youth – West Texas)